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材料/素材商品説明New 1 Set Bowleg O/X Legs Straightening Correction Leg Beauty Belt Band Bandage Adult

correction leg beauty belt bandage

item specifics:
type: legs correction
color: blue
length:about 37cm/41.5cm/45.5cm
wide: about 12.8cm
round band: about 9.5 x 8.5cm

characteristics of the product of the o type leg x leg:
1.leg correction is a product that can change ugly o - shaped legs, x - shaped legs to the beautiful, charming leg.
2.this product will help you to correct the ugly leg curve formed caused by the bad walking habits.
3.balance the leg muscles and make the legs a straight line. is better to use it with the recommended exercise.
5.the effect will be better when to use for a long time. can use it when you are watching tv, studying, sleepping and rest.

attention: not distort the correction tape.
2.don't get up or walk around when you are using it.
3.avoid using during the gestation period.

package included:
1 set legs support elastic(including 3 bands)
1 pcs round band
1 pcs instruction

q1.: this product can correct my o type leg /x type leg?
a: this product is currently the most effective physical therapy products for the o type of leg and x legs ,the effect is better and faster with the product use manual.

q2.: how long will it be that it has a good effect?
a: according to the age of the individual and the severity of the o/x type leg,generally use three months to six months , there will be effect.

q3.: how long will it take to use it every ?
a: use two hours or more every , can be used when you are in sleep.
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